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Rosenbaum - Ben Ari Law office is one of the leading firms specializes in estate and inheritance law including estate managements, guardianship and Legal competence.

Our firm specializes in the process of probate orders including situations when the testator was a foreign resident and left a property in Israel.


Our office specializes in challenging a will in the family law courts.  There are several possible grounds to challenge a will and it is very important to examine each case by case in order to manage the legal process effectively and successfully.

We also specialize in writing all kinds of wills including wills when one of the heirs is a minor or missing legal competence (wards) or when a testator  has a property in Israel and wants to bequeath it  to a beneficiary residing outside of Israel or with foreign citizenship.


Additionally, our firm specializes in the procedures for declarations of death and dealing with situations when one of the heirs or beneficiaries is by definition missing, unknown or perished in the Holocaust.


Our firm gaining expertise in releasing properties and assets held and managed by the Custodian General.

The office founded and headed by Advocate Anat Rosenbaum and Advocate Noa Ben-Ari after years of working at the Department of Justice Attorney General's office at the Custodian General division.


The team has extensive experience and unique knowledge in estate and inheritance law. The team lecture voluntarily in the elderly population.


Advocate Anat Rosenbaum :

LL.B magna cum laude, IDC Hertzliya.

B.A summa cum laude, Bar Ilan University, in psychology, criminology and sociology.

Admitted to practice law- Israel 2007.


email address:

cell phone: +972-54-8808180


Advocate Noa Ben-Ari :

LL.B, Academic College of Law, Ramat- Gan.

LL.M, Bar Ilan University, Ramat- Gan, expertise in conflict resolution and mediation.

Admitted to practice law- Israel 2008.

Certified Mediator since 2009.


Contact email:

cell phone: +972-52-3618600

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